design services

Thinking of adding on a garage or designing a new house from scratch?

We offer services that include quick sketches, space planning, design development, construction documents, as well as project coordination and bid analysis.

Our work is focused on creating conceptual designs and constructions drawings for high-end custom homes, as well as smaller additions and renovations. All of our drawings are produced on AutoCAD and we fabricate custom digital 3-D models in-house.

We work intimately with both clients and builders in the office and in the field to ensure a high quality of construction practice and design intent. We also work with structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electricians, plumbers, and contractors to ensure a smooth and efficient building process.

We have extensive knowledge of new technologies and contraction techniques for achieving highly efficient and energy conscious buildings, having coordinated details on LEED-platinum level houses, zero-net energy homes, and Energy-Stay homes with five star ratings.

Project fees can be customized to your needs with either an hourly fee structure or a fixed fee.

Please visit our showroom or contact Josh ( to learn more about Id3’s design services.